Account Bind

Time:2021-07-06 11:58:30

  • 【Account Bind】

    1. How to bind account?

    Click “Bind Account” on the right above of log-in page.

    Click “Bind with GameArk/Facebook/Google” and choose the way you want your account to bind with, then follow the guide to finish the bind.

    2. How to bind with GameArk account?

    Click “Bind with GameArk”, then click “Register”, fill in new account id and password.

    Once register, bind will be completed.

    3. How to bind with Facebook/Google account?

    (1) Click “Bind with Facebook/Google”, fill in your Facebook/Google account to bind.

    (2) You can also log in your Facebook/Google account on Facebook App/Google Play on your device in advance, then click “Bind with Facebook/Google” to complete the bind quickly.